Fashion Icon: Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a mother, a designer, a model and a timeless fashion icon. She is renowned for her feminine, edgy and effortless style but it’s not just a supermodel figure and access to designer clothes that makes her one of the world’s most enduring fashion icons – she’s got a method. The Moss method (if you will). Take a look…


Kate Moss es madre, diseñadora,  modelo y un icono de la moda atemporal. Ella es conocida por su estilo femenino, osado y sin esfuerzo, no es sólo una modelo conl acceso a ropa wow, que la hace uno de los iconos de moda más perdurables del mundo – ella tiene un método. El método Moss (si se quieren llamarlo así). Simplemente echen un ojo ..


*Photos are not mine but I don’t know the authors because I found them on Tumblr and Pinterest, if a picture is yours please let me know and I’ll add proper credit, thank you.


Author: Miss ALG

Psychologist, fashionist, bombshell, metalhead Instagram: alicraft_9 Twitter: alicraft_9


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