Today I visited the Jade Museum, and I want to tell you something that few know, this museum was conceptualized, designed and executed by Mexican companies. I am pleased I saw that the museum has been welcomed by the locals and tourists. I give it the highest recommendation possible. Do yourself a favor and visit!


Hoy visité el Museo del Jade, y quiero contarles algo que pocos saben sobre este museo, este museo fue conceptualizado, diseñado y ejecutado orgullosamente por empresas mexicanas. Me da mucho gusto he visto que el museo ha sido del agrado de los locales y turistas. Ojalá lo puedan visitar.

Costa Rica look 4_1 costa rica look 4_2 costa rica look 4_3 costa rica look 4_4 Costa Rica look 4_5 Costa Rica look 4_6 Costa Rica look 4_7 Costa Rica look 4_8 Costa Rica look 4_9


I was wearing
Zara shirt
Zara Leggings
Burberry Rain Boots



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